Let’s protect what we love

A growing number of people are beginning to rebel against the incredible depredatory capacity of the human species. Increasingly, more of us feel obliged to collaborate in the protection of the natural world in which we live and the culture that explains where we come from and who we are.

The micro-reserves are way of demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and to preserving our biodiversity.

The concept of a micro-reserve – i.e. a small space, of often less than 20 ha, where special care is taken of the valuable species that live there – was developed in the 1990s. It aims to protect, above all, plants and insects that often lack effective protection despite the importance of their environmental functions.

It is obvious that public bodies are unable to tackle and solve all the environmental challenges that we have to face up to. However, our awareness as individuals and citizens obliges us to act and, as a result, the Association Marques de Pastor has developed a series of agreements with landowners in Pallars that have established the custody of a number of micro-reserves.

The aim of these micro-reserves is the conservation of the biodiversity and also to, at the same time, offer visitors sites where activities promoting calm and respectful interaction with the natural world can be organized (nature therapy, yoga, Tai Chi, etc.).

These agreements with farmers and some of the local town councils are based on trust and personal contact, and are closed with a simple handshake –– perhaps more valuable than the actual documents that are eventually signed. Will you help us continue with this work?

Our small wildlife santuaries in Els Pallars

The environmental management and monitoring of the reserves is carried out in collaboration with specialists from the Pallars Jussà Biological Station.