The Association Marques de Pastor consists of a group of family-run establishments and service providers who work together to create sustainable products in Els Pallars. Our aim is to develop and run tourist-orientated products that respect local customs and ways of life, thereby promoting and supporting the work they do.

The aims of the Association

  • Contribute to the recovery and preservation of the historical cultural heritage of Els Pallars.
  • Foment awareness amongst local people and visitors of the importance of sustainability.
  • Restore the traditional ways and trails in Els Pallars and, above all, highlight their cultural importance –– but without forgetting their newfound leisure uses.
  • Promote the consumption of local foods and the work of local craftsmen/women.

How we work

  • El Cinquè Llac is a five-stage circuit for walkers or cyclists that puts you back in touch with the wildlife, landscape and heritage of these mountains.
  • We collaborate with both public and private bodies in our work to raise awareness of the importance of local heritage and socially responsible tourism.
  • We promote the restoration of old ways and trails via the work of teams of both specialists and volunteers.
  • We support local producers and their products as a means of promoting the economic and environmental sustainability of our region.

What are marques de pastor?

All flocks of sheep were once marked with the brand of the house or farm they belonged to. We have used the old marques de pastor to identify the different houses where you will be staying and different local products they produce.