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Help us conserve the hay meadows near Aguiró, a perfect example of the harmony between an existing extensive agricultural system and a hotspot of Pyrenean biodiversity.

Located around the village of (la Torre de Capdella, Pallars Jussà), this micro-reserve currently covers 0.8 ha. It is hoped to increase the size of this reserve through further stewardship agreements with other local landowners as a means of ensuring the conservation of the local biodiversity.

The site consists of a mosaic dominated by hay meadows, grassy field edges and hedgerows, all enclosed by dry-stone walls. The presence of meadows managed in different ways and their situation at the upper limit of the subalpine meadow belt, combined with the mix of cow and sheep grazing, ensures that there is a great diversity of habitats. This makes Aguiró a very special site in the context of La Vall Fosca and helps maintain its exceptionally rich biodiversity.

The situation of the micro-reserve at a crossroads of ecosystems guarantees that it hosts a hugely diverse biodiversity with species from habitats as different as montane rivers, coniferous forests, subalpine pastures, deciduous woodland, and even agricultural areas in the valley bottom. As a result, birds found typically in wetlands and humid Atlantic grassland in northern Europe stop over here whilst on migration.

Good concentrations of threatened birds including Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio) or species that are rare in Catalonia such as Grasshopper Warbler (Locustella naevia) gather here due to the great presence of invertebrates, above all grasshoppers and crickets, on which they feed when on migration.

The money donated will be used to monitor the biodiversity of the micro-reserve.

Microreserva Aguiro escorxador 2018

Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio), the flagship species of this sites’ meadows, captured for ringing at Aguiró.