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El Pla de Corts (Baix Pallars, Pallars Sobirà) includes a number of natural springs caused by the dissolution of salts in the bedrock, which cause depressions in the rocks of the area. The Estany de Moncortès is the best-known example of this process, although there are many other much smaller examples.

Patamoll is word used in the Pallaresa dialect to describe a wetland area with lush aquatic vegetation. Currently, the Patamolls del Pla de Corts Micro-reserve includes an area of springs of 4,000 m2 that, along with the pastures and the surrounding deciduous woodland, covers a total of 4.2 ha. It is hoped that new stewardship agreements – whose aim is to promote the conservation of the biodiversity – will be signed in the near future.

Apart from its geological interest, this space possesses very interesting aquatic plant communities that, together with the surrounding vegetation (and that of the nearby Estany de Montcortés), provides habitat for diverse communities of butterflies, and damselflies and dragonflies. Specifically, butterflies of the genus Maculinea, threatened throughout Europe, are found in this area.

All money donated will be used to conserve our wetlands and springs and study their biodiversity.

patamolls del Pla de Corts

Papallona del gènere Maculinea, en perill arreu d’Europa, i present a la micro-reserva dels Patamolls del Pla de Corts.