El Cinquè Llac is a walking circuit promoted by the Association Marques de Pastor. It is composed of small, family-run establishments and businesses who believe in hard work and the human face of tourism. The association aims to reach visitors who share our respect and love for our region, its nature and the intangible cultural heritage we have inherited from our forefathers.

This self-guided route running through the uplands of the counties of Pallars Jussà, Pallars Sobirà and L’Alta Ribagorça is apt for almost all walkers. The circuit can also be ridden by bicycle. There are five stages linking rural-style accommodation that are designed to be walked with no loads either on your minds or your backs since we transfer your bags on to your next port of call.

A product committed to local development

El Cinquè Llac took its inspiration from the criteria of sustainable tourism, and aims to create places that are better to live in and more enjoyable to visit. It was designed to have as little impact as possible on the environment but always bearing in mind the need for local development. Thus, for example, 10% of the price of the product is devoted to the restoration and maintenance of the old trails that the circuit follows. The GRATITUD Project is a step towards fulfilling these aims.


El Cinquè Llac has been presented with a number awards: Alimara 2017 for its work in promoting sustainable tourism; the prize for the best activity-tourism-related product 2017 at the FITUR trade fair; the 2015 Environment Prize awarded by the Catalan government (section Singular Initiatives for Protecting and Improving the Environment), and was the winner of the first Catalan Sustainable Tourism Prize in 2013.

Nevertheless, our most treasured reward is the appreciation of our clients